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Case Studies

Better CRM

Built on the basis of the Perfex CRM platform, our experts will help you manage, personalize, and take care of your customers, there by improving and expanding your business efficiency


Better Garage

A comprehensive garage management system, bringing interaction and business management into a centralized system, helping to reduce costs, create transparency, and bring the services to customers in the best ways


Better HRM

A Human resource and salary management system of the enterprise, supporting management of personnel, timekeeping, holidays and salaries, and many other features.

A warehouse and POS management system at many points of sale, helping you manage your business effectively and more easi in real-time.

Mautic is an email automation platform trusted by over 200,000 organizations. Our Mautic Email Marketing experts help you create and automate your marketing journeys and personalize customers' experiences effectively, bringing



A cloud switchboard system for business that helps to quickly create and support dynamic IVR features and scenarios and does not need to be equiped with either IPhone or softphones.

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